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Flying School

Choosing a pilot school is the first step to realize the desire to become a pilot. To be able to enter their own pilot school takes no small cost. Therefore, the amount of charge of course you have to look for the best pilot schools that will not make you regret it. Sign pilot school is a school that requires you to be able to become a professional pilot. To be a professional pilot both in Indonesia and in India, of course, you have to find a good pilot school. Likewise, when you want to get a pilot school in India, then you should consider everything that the selected pilot schools can make you become a professional pilot and graduate on time. Do you know how to become a pilot in India professional? To become a professional pilot in India, then you have to go to school qualified pilot. To get a good quality pilot schools, then the following should be considered:

Licenses offered

Licensing is very important for a pilot when you decide to join the airline. As a pilot must have a lot of license. As for the basic license must be owned by such pilot, PPL, CPL and IR. However, to make you more easily accepted in the airline’s worth bagging licenses such as PPL, CPL, IR, and MER. You have obtained a license with the MER, the airline is easier to recruit because they do not have to train you again. Therefore, when you decide to select pilot schools in India, then find out in advance about the license what is offered by the school.

Number of flight hours

In addition to the license to be considered, you should also find out about the number of flight hours offered by the pilot schools. Flight hours can affect the quality of your fly is good or not. If the number of flight hours that offered little, of course, exercise obtained will not be maximized. As for becoming a pilot must have a good ability to fly the aircraft. Select the pilot schools that provide a lot of flying hours in order to exercise and license obtained in accordance with your expectations. Make sure that you get an hour to fly at least 200 hours of flying.

The number of aircraft

The aircraft is one of the things that is important to consider when select pilot schools. Be it when select the flying school in India and abroad. If the number of aircraft was not adequate, this may be one of the factors inhibiting you later on when he was in school. For that, you should find out in advance about the number of aircraft in the pilot schools. At least the school must provide an adequate number of aircraft. The school must provide at least one plane to 5 students so that students can practice more leverage.

State airports

Not all pilot schools are located in India providing the airport’s own practice and should be joined with an airline or other pilot schools. For the problem of the airport itself is very important to be owned by the pilot schools. This is because in order to make the students graduate on time the airport becomes a crucial role. If the school does not have its own airport, of course, can inhibit students to graduate on time. Therefore, when you decided to choose a pilot school, then you should consider the state of the airports have their own or not. Try to search for the pilot schools have their own state of its airports.

Pilot school is one of the many schools of choice. However, before you decide to enroll into pilot school it is better to find out in advance about the facilities and infrastructure in schools.

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Shared Training Airports of Pilot SchoolsAirport, becoming one of the facilities in the mandatory pilot school. With the airport, the cadets can perform flight training using training aircraft single-engine such as Cessna and Piper after getting educational theory in ground school and tried simulator (a tool that can describe the conditions in the cockpit of the plane once the current conditions were on the runways and in the skies), There are airports in here does not mean the pilot schools have. Pilot schools could share the airport as a training flight with both the commercial and the other pilot schools. In Indonesia alone, not a pilot school which shares the airport as a flight training. Some airports in Indonesia which became pilot flight training schools as follows:

Airport Wulung Tunggul, Cilacap. Cilacap have airports that are often used by some schools as training pilots to fly the cadetnya. The airport is the airport Wulung stumps. The airport is located precisely in the area of ​​Orange Legi, Cilacap, Central Java. Why this airport chosen by some of the pilot schools? The reason is because aircraft traffic is fairly minimal. In addition, only a small plane which can accommodate approximately 12 people operating in this airport. Service flights offered was fairly limited Jakarta (Halim) – Cilacap (Wulung Tunggul Airport) and Cilacap (Tunggul Airport Wulung) – Jakarta (Halim). One of the schools that use the airport are Deraya Flying School.

The information was updated to mention that the service has been expanded so that Wulung Tunggul to 100 x 90 meters. Has recorded a routine flight passenger aircraft at the airport. In addition, the aircraft passenger capacity of 28 people has been in operation early in 2015.

Hanandjoeddin H.A.S Airport, Tanjung Pandan. Airport located in Tanjung Pandan, Bangka Belitung Island is also known by the name of the airport Reed tumbles. Airports that have experienced extension of the runway to 2,000 meters is currently only serves domestic flights rather Base Pinang (HAS Hanandjoeddin Airport), Jakarta (Halim) and Palembang (Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II). In 2014 then, the aircraft class Airbus A320 and Boeing 737-800NG has landed at the airport which is said to be built a new terminal in 2015 from state and local budgets. Mighty Flight School also uses this airport for flight training.

Nusawiru Airport, West Java. District Cijulang, District Pangandaran, West Java became the location of the airport which is used by some of the pilot schools in Indonesia to conduct flight training. Similarly to the airport in Cilacap which have been discussed previously, this airport generally serves only flying passenger aircraft bit. As for how many routes, which served as follows: West Java (Airport Nusawiru) – Jakarta (Halim), West Java (Airport Nusawiru) – Cilacap (Airport Tunggul Wulung) and West Java (Airport Nusawiru) – Bandung (Husein Sastranegara Airport). Mighty Flight School became one of the schools that use this airport.

Budiarto Airport, Curug. Tangerang. Banten also has an airport which is used several pilot school for flight training. The airport is the airport Budiarto. Built about 63 years ago, precisely in 1952, this airport is located at an altitude of 40 meters above sea level. One school of government at precisely STPI Curug becomes one of the pilot schools who use this airport as flight training. Basically, this airport has three runways which have a size of each as follows: ± 1,602 meter, 1,097 meter ± and ± 1,821 meters.

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flying-schoolPursue education in schools pilot is the first step to obtain the profession as a pilot reliable. By selecting the appropriate pilot schools, the great credibility, facilities support, and experienced instructor likely be an aviator’s dream will be achieved as expected. In addition, the very short duration of time also be an advantage of the pilot school because it is an opportunity to get a job more quickly and allow for success at a young age. However, the pilot school to pursue there are three things that need to be maintained properly so that after undergoing an acceptable educational work in the airline and not be unemployed. Remember, the pilot school fees are not cheap, even if the school would be available after the loss. The third thing that is to be maintained properly, among others:


Body health both outside and inside the main thing that should be given priority to apply for jobs, not just in the airline but also in the company in general. In the world of flight, the pilot health becomes one of the things that need to be under-united for the sake of maintaining passenger safety. Examples ear health, when the already troubled ear and cause deafness would be difficult to communicate with ATC (Air Traffic Control). In fact, communication with ATC very important influence on flight safety, because through ATC a pilot can find a variety of hazards that may occur in the future, for example, there is a mountain or other hazards. In addition, by communicating clearly would simplify the search process if indeed the plane had to make an emergency landing because a passenger can be chaotic or other hazards such as aircraft engines dead. That is why health becomes so must be maintained properly in order to be accepted to work on these is by not consuming drugs or late nights.


Qualification in this case is defined as the ability or the potential of the surrounding flight, both matters relating to the preparation of take off and landing. Qualification is also very important to be maintained with relatively good considering the tight competition when applying to airlines, especially the top airline. Qualification one of them can be seen from the tests conducted by the airline when recruiting. The number of competitors would be able to make themselves be eliminated if the qualifications are minimal. It is necessary to maintain good qualifications, with a maximum follow learning system and ask the things that is still a question mark about the world of flight instructor.

Good name

A good name is also one thing that must be maintained in order to obtain employment. As well as applying for a job at the company in general, must include SKCK (Police Notes) as proof of a clean criminal offense. Similarly, if you want to apply in the airline, in addition to predicate a good course, cadets must have a good performance anyway. In other words, a good name must be maintained in earnest to comply with the rules and learn the prevailing system. Remember, when it was expelled from school only because it violates the rules of being labeled a bad name. Definitely will come eliminated in the name of the selection on the airline if it passed with unsatisfactory results because many of the cadet who has a good name and qualify for graduation. Therefore, education should not be underestimated because it becomes an early stage in exploring the potential in the future.

Many things can be a barrier to obtaining a career in the future, but an outline of it comes from yourself. Remember, a proverb says that the most biggest enemy is yourself not others. That is, the things that happen in the future depends on how the action taken at this time so that inevitably have to be able to control myself to get better things.

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In his tenure, especially during a flight, a pilot must follow the rules imposed airline or Ministry of Transportation. In addition to achieving the goal of flight safety, compliance with rules expected to prevent the pilot from the grounded (prohibited from flying for a while). Grounding by the airline or the Ministry of Transportation may in fact hamper the flight hours that will ultimately slow promoted salary earned does not pick up. By the way, what made the pilot fly license suspended temporarily or grounded? Here are some of the causes:

Pilot License Suspended

Violate flight hours

Airline pilot entitled to organize the flight schedule, but still consider and adjust to the rules of flying hours have been set at the same time the Ministry of Transportation for the good pilot flight safety.

A pilot has a maximum limit flying hours. Pilot flying hours have been set by the Ministry of Transportation for 1 week is 30 hours of flying, one month is 110 hours of flying, or 1 year is 1,050 flight hours. If the results of the evaluation by Ministry of Transportation turns pilots have flying hours per week, month, or year are more than that, the pilot will be grounded. By thus be important for to constantly monitor the flying hours that are set by the airline. If it is already over the limit, the pilot is entitled to refuse to avoid being penalized by grounded from the Ministry of Transportation. The purpose of the determination of the maximum limit of flying hours is nothing for the good of his own at the same pilot safety in flight. If the pilot excess flying hours and still forced to fly, do not rule out the pilot will feel fatigue so as to make the concentration decreases and eventually affect flight safety.

Errors landed

In addition to the hours of flying, pilots must obey the rules or landing when the plane landed. When the pilot made a mistake somewhere because of intentional or unintentional, the sanctions must be grounded accepted gracefully by the pilot. For example, the pilot should have landed at the airport A but somehow because of the element of intent or because they do not know the area, lack of concentration, communication with ATC (Air Traffic Controller) are disconnected, or navigational errors, pilot just landed at the airport C. Although no casualties and landed at the airport in the same area, still this is a violation of the rules will make the pilot fly and his flying license suspended for a while.

Natural plane crash

Plane crash not only caused by the negligence of the pilot, but also because of the bad weather and problems on the plane. For this accident, the pilot must receive a sanction grounded to restore the psychological condition as well as facilitate the process of investigation that will be conducted by the KNKT.

The plane crash was in fact able to make the pilot grounded. Is it true? Post-crash, the Komite Nasional Keselamatan Transportasi or KNKT will conduct investigations related to accidents that occur. During this investigation, although the pilot had experienced or had a high-flying hours though will be temporarily suspended his flying license. The purpose of this temporary ban is to restore the pilot’s psychological state after the accident as well as facilitate the investigation process (pilot will perform some tests drug and alcohol as well as answer the questions that had been prepared to obtain a bright spot KNKT trigger accidents). After running sanctioned no-fly over the accident occurred, the pilot could do a fly by before the training again could be a month (depending on the airline).

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pilot tidak boleh terbang

Currently in the aviation world into a topic that is often discussed. This happens because in the world of aviation many of the events that hit the world of aviation. It is good news because the plane crash and the problems created by a pilot himself. Being a pilot, of course you know that have a considerable risk. This is because in the world of aviation is the responsibility of the passenger was a pilot. Pilots should be able to maintain the safety of the passengers. Although the profession as a pilot does have its own privileges, the pilot also has a heavy responsibility. A pilot had to fly the aircraft its obligations when its job, or not. A pilot must perform tasks in accordance with existing procedures. A pilot cannot fly a plane with arbitrary because it must have a permit to fly past when you want to fly a plane. This is to minimize the occurrence of those things that are not cool when it has flown. There are many obstacles that could cause a pilot may not fly. What are the constraints?

Bad weather

Bad weather, such as the wind, smog, the magnitude of lightning, and the emergence of dangerous clouds is one of the factors that could cause the aviation accident. With the bad weather, it can affect the navigation that is not functioning. If the navigation can not be functioning properly, then this can be the cause of the accident. Therefore, in the world of flying a pilot can not fly a plane with his own wishes. This is because a pilot must follow the rules. Before the pilot takeoff, a pilot must know in advance the weather is going to happen so that the world of aviation cooperation with weather observers and also the ATC.

Pain conditions

Being a pilot has a great responsibility to all of the number of passengers in the plane which will be under. A pilot will run medical tests before flying the aircraft. If it is known that a pilot in a state hospital, then the airport will not give permission to the pilot to fly. This is because the condition of the pilot in a state hospital in the world can affect the flight. For example, a pilot was severe headaches and at that time her duty to fly, then this is not allowed. Headache, of course, will make the pilot to bring the aircraft out of focus. By doing so, the airline will look for a substitute pilot.

Caught using drugs

In the aviation world although it has been doing medical tests, but there is only a pilot who discovered that he was using drugs. News of the pilots who use drugs on the airline has been widely circulated in the media. A pilot who take medication headache only, not allowed to fly the plane. Why? Because these drugs can make the pilot was not concerned when carrying aircraft such as drowsiness and blurred vision. Moreover, a pilot caught using illegal drugs, of course, can affect the aviation world is getting worse. This is because the drug has a high dose and may also disrupt the aviation world. If there is a pilot who get caught using drugs, then he was not only not allowed to fly, but also be able to deal with the authorities.

As a pilot, a passenger safety must be the number one of the safety of themselves. Well, that’s some of the obstacles that could cause a pilot may not fly a plane.