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Find something for everyone on your list with this collection of Golden State gifts from every region of the state


每年, you say you want to finish your holiday shopping early—but this year, 这个目标比以往任何时候都重要.

首先,今年的光明节(11月11日)开始得很早. 28). 也,re’s talk of supply-chain issues that could threaten to thwart last-minute shoppers everywhere—which is another great reason to support small 和 local businesses, 哪些在大流行期间遭受了严重影响.

好消息是:现在购物并不是那么难. 毕竟, you 就像ly have the same list of folks you shop for every year—the brother-in-law who’s a beer aficionado, 你的徒步旅行者的阿姨, 那个痴迷于 星球大战,等等. Check out these can’t-fail gifts that can be bought online—or by visiting in person 和 soaking up the local scenery. 你甚至可以找个借口犒劳一下自己.


内华达山脉的糖梅愿景, $20

与李子在红酒中陈酿, 白兰地, 和波本威士忌酒桶, this tall bottle of Belgian-inspired ale makes a perfect seasonal gift. 把啤酒运出州外有时会很棘手,但是 孤峰县-based Sierra Nevada can ship alcohol to 10 states 和 Washington D.C. 对于其他州的受助人,可以考虑 庆祝蜡烛那里闻起来就像啤酒制造商的冬天 庆祝新鲜啤酒花IPA, accented with pine 和 citrus, topped with a h和y maple-wood coaster.


大蒜 & 香草花环, $57

这个漂亮的花环来自一个 本地拥有农场/葡萄园 in 普兰德 也许是完美的节日装饰. It doesn’t need to be packed 和 stored away—you just use it until it disappears. 新鲜大蒜的辫子, 百里香, 迷迭香和辣椒都可以食用, will be primed for cooking just about the time the holiday season ends. 草药也可以保存好几个月.


怀亚特赫西制, $22

帮助你的滑雪者减少咖啡杯的浪费 今年的旅行要负责任 with this insulated, stainless steel Camelbak cup decorated with 森林 or 海洋生物 chico艺术家的作品 怀亚特赫西. Camelbak的总部设在 佩特,杯子利润的25%归 自然保护联盟 帮助保护野生动物和开放空间. 


本地储备超脆硬苹果酒, $15

California’s Gold Country region is teeming with traditional apple cider, 苹果派,, 越来越多地, 艰难的苹果酒. In 埃尔多拉多县,品尝手工苹果酒搭配当地的甜甜圈 隐藏的状态卡米诺 在品尝你的方式通过 苹果山硬苹果酒小径. Bay Area shoppers can also pick up Hidden Star cider orders—就像 its tart-cherry-enhanced 樱桃宋飞在各种农贸市场.

在网上订购当地最好的苹果酒, go for the Extra Crisp Apple Cider or the Blackberry Cider from Indigeny储备位于 图奥勒米县.


红杉雾全球, $30

这些好玩的 地球仪 金门国家公园管理局 feature fog—not snow—that swirls around redwood trees, Golden Gate Bridge, or Alcatraz. Proceeds support recreational 和 educational programs at the more than 30 parks within the 金门国家公园管理局—including 穆尔森林, 要塞, 土地结束.


神秘的蜂蜜, $5

Yolo县的意思’s 蜂巢 makes its own honey 和 also distributes more than 30 varietals from all over the country. Let them h和-pick honey for you—就像 the California Orange Blossom Honey, 佛罗里达白图珀洛蜂蜜, 或者墨西哥咖啡花蜜,或者大的 six-jar礼物设置. 另一个选择: 圆梳蜂蜜 ($19) that you can spread on toast or bite off a piece to chew (the folks at 蜂巢 call it “nature’s original chewing gum”). 亲自参观蜂巢 林地 to learn about the honey-making process 和 browse more goodies.


在索诺马县领养一条葡萄藤, $100

Give your wine fan a taste of sustainable winemaking: 的ir name will appear on a tagged vine at the Russian River Valley’s 旧世界酒庄这家公司专注于生产有机、生物动力葡萄酒. Down the road,y’ll be sent a bottle 从 first vintage. 我可不想等那么久? 给他们一个 索诺玛县品尝通行证, 可以在1, 3, 和90天的选项, which grants discounted tastings at wineries (plus distilleries, 啤酒厂, 和苹果汁店)遍布索诺马县.


加州度假集合, $99

Your dairy-loving loved one will adore these six artisan cheeses from small-scale cheesemakers located along the 加利福尼亚奶酪小道. Delights include a triple-crème black truffle brie 从 150-year-old 马林法国奶酪公司. 和 a Swiss-Italian–style cheese called Highway 1 made by 山谷福特奶酪公司.


国有石油公司双筒望远镜, $90

这些12盎司, 8x25 双筒望远镜 are perfect for spotting a finch in a treetop—or for most other outdoor pursuits, 就像 冬季观鲸. 人体工程学和防水范围,可通过 朝霞体育 in 太浩城它是这家总部位于旧金山的公司的一部分 土地 & 海集合 of 双筒望远镜单眼, inspired by the colors 和 patterns of California nature. 添加一个27美元 照片钻机 for super-closeup pics combining the scope 和 a smartphone.


1957年份的港口, $620

位于 马德拉酒小道这里是菲克林葡萄园 ㄧ县 它号称是美国最受欢迎的港口制造商.S. You can still experience its first bottling: a 100 percent Tinta Madeira created by its founder, 罗伯特Ficklin, Sr. 考虑用甜蜜的方式和一个 巧克力酱港 (20美元)是用老藤丁塔港(Old Vine Tinta Port)酿制的.


金盏花奶油指甲油, $28

每年春天, 文图拉县 的小镇 奥吉 成为小的温床, 超甜的橘子被称为“小仙子”,这款游戏非常受欢迎,甚至还有自己的游戏 节日. 的 奥吉谷酒店该公司的水疗中心将精灵魔法转化为乳液, 实习医生风云, body butter that let you enjoy the scent year-round.


来自盖蒂中心的克里姆特, $50

For anyone headed back into the office (or just looking to up their Zoom game), 领带的选择 盖蒂中心 商店提供即时的高级款式. 这条领带的灵感来自克里姆特的领带 红色希望2,这幅画已经在 洛杉矶 博物馆. Art history buffs will tell you it’s an example of Klimt’s use of “planarity” (the two-dimensional surface of the picture plane), but it also means it will look perfect for that Zoom camera.


《bbin游戏官网》海报, $18

洛杉矶的 美国电影学院博物馆, which opened in 2021, offers an up-close look at the art 和 science of moviemaking. 浏览博物馆商店, 网上或亲身体验, 为了你自己的电影宝藏, 比如希区柯克经典电影的复制品. 也可以考虑一些有趣的挥霍,比如 Moschino红宝石拖鞋手袋 ($480) that salutes one of the 博物馆’s top artifacts: the iconic shoes worn by Judy Garl和 in 绿野仙踪.


70年代式的防火墙, $4,600

这 showstopping fireplace screen by designer Christopher Anthony is a classic example of the mid-century modern design still thriving in 更大的棕榈泉. 浏览 目的地棕榈泉 online store 和 you’ll find plenty of small luxuries, too, 就像 the 开胃菜的盘子 以棕榈泉的经典住宅为特色, or the glasses 和 t-shirts with the “modernista” logo for next year’s 现代主义的一周. (购物的人? 一定要有GPS ' 爱本地购物通; every time you check in, you will be entered to win a prize.)

星球大战 相聚

波巴·费特会说话的玩偶, $32

波巴·费特将会得到他的时刻在聚光灯下 《波巴·费特之书 该片将于12月在Disney+上首映. 的 星球大战 enthusiast in your life will be ready, thanks to this 13-inch, collector-worthy action figure from 迪斯尼乐园度假村的在线商店. 这个细致的波巴·费特有一个发光的爆破枪, 声音效果, 15 phrases in his arsenal (就像 “put Captain Solo in the cargo hold”). Pro tip: Keep an eye out for a strolling Boba Fett at the 阿纳海姆 主题公园的 星球大战:星系的边缘.



Lot22培根橄榄油, $15

雷德兰兹 橄榄种植者 Lot22 offers classic cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil as well as oils blended with lemon, 罗勒, 甚至是培根. 这 unique oil will add a zip to any a fried egg or spinach salad dressing.

And for the home chef who doesn’t always know how best to use gourmet gifts, consider the Brian Malarkey的《大厨生命油 ($35). 这是由 顶级大厨 他是圣地亚哥大学的校友 草 & 木 offers some subtle guidance: One is labeled for high-heat sautéing or frying, 一种是用来做沙拉酱的, 还有一种可以蘸着或淋在煮好的菜上. 部分收益归黄金法则所有, a non-profit that Malarkey has set up to support hospitality workers impacted by the p和emic.


现代黑屋咖啡, $17

圣地亚哥 brewery started roasting coffee beans to enhance its oatmeal stout 和 the results were so good they started selling the coffee by itself. 咖啡 爱人们也会欣赏《摩登时代》的 Cipactli, a collaboration with a Mexican roaster that has notes of chocolate, praline 和 sugarcane.



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